Green 288i spider traps

Now Shipping : Natural, Green, Insect & Spider Trap

Green Spider Traps Now Available

During the last few months rumors were circulating that Traps Direct had a project underway to revise the Catchmaster 288i professional quality insect monitor and spider trap.  Turns out the rumors were true!

CleanerToday is a launch partner for the new Green Spider Trap 288i rev C

Find specifics about the announcement in the Traps Direct Spider Blog (March 18th article)

A couple highlights:

  1. RED color replaced by  DARK GREEN
  2. Logos and Text removed from visibility
  3. Same Natural, pre-baited insect trap
Green 288i spider traps
Legendary 1288i quality, Trap Direct Green Design

We are excited to offer the new consumer 288i rev C in two sizes:  15 Spider Traps  and 45 Spider Traps 

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