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spider and insect monitor traps

Like all things, the more you know history, the more things make sense. Join us for a quick history of Insect Monitors.
Once only used by pest control professionals, they have come into our homes as a cost effective means of spider control.
Yes, they are priced right, but they do have some issues..
Get the good, the bad and the ugly about the lowly insect monitor trap.

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Green 288i spider traps

Now Shipping : Natural, Green, Insect & Spider Trap

Traps Direct announced a collaboration with catchmaster to produce a consumer focused green spider trap ( technically an insect monitor ). The 288i has been a pest control standard for decades. Always a natural pre-baited and green insect control product, the exterior gets an update to fit into a consumer setting in a more subtle manner. Take a look at the new exterior, and buy with confidence on our secure site… With always free shipping.

Now Shipping : Natural, Green, Insect & Spider Trap Read More »

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