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Thanks for sending all the emails requesting that we stock the new Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps ( ACPPT-2 ). We heard you loud and clear:

  • Clair – Orlando : “You need to add the Able Catch Traps, they are amazing”
  • Trevor – Charlotte : “Able Catch caught more moths than 2 other big box traps… combined”
  • Mike – Oakland : “After trying Able Catch Moth Traps, I won’t go back, which means I won’t buy from you, until you sell them”

Well, Clair, Mike and Trevor, we are happy to report that Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps are the ONLY Pheromone Moth Trap we sell..

Modern Design of New Moth Traps

Over the past several years customers had been voicing frustration about 60’s designed , small , hard to place moth traps. Able Catch Narrow Foot Print  So Traps.CleanerToday has been a beta partner with Traps Direct’s release of the Trapezium shaped ( 4 sided, but not a rectangle) Green Skinned Pheromone moth trap.    The irregular quadrilateral design stands in half the shelf space while boasting over 15% larger trap area, and 200% larger flight entrance for moths to enter.

Head to Head Results

We’ve pitted Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps against major national brands, and have been amazed at the improved catching ability.

But the real test is in your own pantry…

Give them a try, you won’t settle for less.

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